GE PowerMite M5 Flashbulbs

PowerMite M5 Package

Now with the power of Zirconium!

One dozen GE PowerMite M5 flashbulbs with Zirconium foil. Love the little mascot on this box. And how often do you get to see the GE logo in red? Three color print on white, uncoated cardboard sleeve.


Eastman Kodak Target Brownie Six-16

Eastman Kodak Target Brownie Six-16

Ain’t she a beaut?

Still a very simple camera, despite shutter speed and aperture controls and twin viewfinders. The body of the camera is thin wood or stiff paperboard painted black on the interior and covered with black leatherette on the exterior. This faceplate is connected to the internal frame & mechanics, and all of that can be simply pulled out of the ‘box’ body for easy film loading.

Mister Rogers — Behind Enemy Lines

“Mister Rogers — Behind Enemy Lines” script draft

Script Outline by M. Jenkins and J. Hurley

March, 2003

MAY, 1945 — EXT. NIGHT:

FRED ROGERS, captain, OSS, is parachuted behind German lines along with SIX SAS SOLDIERS.

They enocunter heavy AA fire and flack as they descend.


Along a road through the forest passes a SMALL GERMAN CONVOY.

The GERMANS detect the ALLIED PARATROOPERS and open fire into the woods.

Only ROGERS escapes the forest alive, covered in German blood.


MAY, 1945 — EXT:

Slowly, across the German countryside ROGERS makes his way toward BERLIN and his final objective: HITLER.

By now, ROGERS is disguised as a displaced German civilian, wearing a familiar RED SWEATER.

Snapping necks and slitting throats, he mumbles under his breah, “Auf wiedersehen, neighbor.”


MAY, 1945 — BERLIN, INT:

Big finale in HITLER’s BUNKER under Berlin: ROGERS goes all “Matrix” on the GERMAN TROOPS, running up and kicking off of walls, etc, etc.

Finally alone with HITLER in a large and lavish but nearly empty OFFICE, they square off for a man-to-man fight to the death.

HITLER reaches under his desk and removes a red-scabbarded samurai sword. The handle is red leather wrapped around black ray skin, with an enameled swastika inset in the center.

“This was a gift from Hideki Tojo,” says HITLER, slowly and menacingly unsheathing the sword.

“This is a gift from Uncle Sam,” says ROGERS, as he whips a US Army model 1911-A1 up from behind his back and fires one shot at HITLER, right between the eyes.

The camera FOLLOWS behind the BULLET in super-slow-mo as it spins towards ADOLF.

ADOLF whips up the samurai sword, perfectly vertical, in front of his face, just in time for the blade to split the bullet in half. Each half then veers to it’s respective side, just clearing HITLER’s head.

Clearly, the two foes are almost evenly matched.

A well-choreographed fight follows. ROGERS wins.



Captain ROGERS makes it up to STREET LEVEL, emerging into sunlight and squinting at the PLANES flying overhead — they’re Allied P-51’s and P-40’s.

He hears the sounds of an approaching army and turns to his left: it’s an AMERICAN GROUP composed of infantry and tanks. Soon they will meet the Soviet forces advancing into Berlin from the east.

ROGERS looks like he’s been beaten to hell. He is covered in bruises, cuts, gunshot wounds, dirt and ash. He starts to walk towards the AMERICAN GROUP.

An OSS OFFICER in a Jeep pulls up from behind the American soldiers & tanks and screeches to a stop in front of ROGERS.

“Captain Rogers? Are you—”

ROGERS slugs him before he can finish a sentence and he goes down like a sack of bricks.

ROGERS turns to the AMERICAN GROUP, who have all stopped moving and are staring at him.

ROGERS squints at them for a brief moment, then says, “I want a goddamned beer.”

Cut to black. Roll credits.

Final credit: Mister Rogers will return in “From Russia with Hate”

The Star-Spangled Bear

The national anthem (with bears)

or, The American National Anthem (with Bears)


Oh, say, can you see

by the bear’s early light

what so proudly we bared

at the bear-light’s last gleaming?


Whose bare stripes and bright bears

through the perilous fight

o’er the bear-parts we watched

were so gallantly streaming?


And the rockets’ red bear,

the bears bursting in air,

gave proof through the night

that our bear was still there.


Oh, say, does that bear-

-spangled banner yet wave

o’er the land of the free

and the home of the bears?

Your Satanic Bible & You

Your Bible and You

Oh, what a gold mine. This thing is 448 pages of 1950’s American Protestantism, but almost every other page is a full-color illustration! Not a drawing, either, an honest-to-God painting. Somebody spent some money printing this puppy. Some odd juxtaposition, too – Jesus chatting with The Man in The Gray Flannel Suit, etc.

Your Bible and You: Priceless Treasures in the Holy Scriptures, by Arthur S. Maxwell, author of The Bible Story, Our Wonderful Bible, This Mighty Hour, Great Prophecies for Our Time, etc. Copyright 1959. Four-color offset printed in the U.S.A. Hardcover, 448 pages. 5 x 6 3/4 inches in size, just under 1 inch thick. Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.

Science and Life

Science and Life

“Art Deco – very nice.” -Egon Spengler, Ghostbusters.

Decent cover design. Filled with some nice retro spot illustrations, which I may scan & post at some future date.

Science and Life – Books Five & Six. Frank M. Wheat, Chairman Biological Science, George Washington High School, Newy York City and Frank Reh, Principal Sumner Junior High School, New York City. Copyright 1939 by American Book Company. Made in U.S.A.