Romeo + Juliet: Hero Pistols

Years ago, I saw these two photos online. I have no idea where or when they were taken, or by whom. They appear to show a display of many of the hero guns from Romeo + Juliet. They contain no EXIF data, only their date of creation: 2003. It is a reasonable guess that the photos were taken no later than that. Note the chipped magazine baseplates on Tybalt’s guns.










Total Recall (1990): Quaid’s Nose Bug

This is an HD screen capture of Arnold’s nose tracker bug. Note what is probably a green LED at the top.

Total Recall (1990): Quaid’s Briefcase Contents

This frame from Total recall show’s Arnold’s trip-to-Mars supplies: a fake ID from Pyramid Mines, bundles of red Mars money, and a mysterious red pamphlet labeled Hoffman. My best guess is that the Hoffman thingy contains tickets for the trip. Note, already in the briefcase is a swath of yellow fabric and what appears to be a rubber mask – likely the components of Arnold’s disguise as the fat woman.