The Origin of the White Dragon Neon Sign from Blade Runner

In the “Signs of the Times” featurette, from the five disc edition of Blade Runner, artist Tom Southwell says, about the creation of The White Dragon sign, “So, I got my book of neon out, and they had a picture of a really good dragon. So, I went ahead with that…”

The black and white photo in the triptych below is a post-WWII neon sign in Ogden, Utah, and was published in the book “Let There Be Neon” by Rudi Stern, in 1979.

The same book also contains another photo of a neon sign dragon, which is likely the origin of the green dragon sign in Blade Runner.

Here is the original Star Noodle dragon in color: Flickr

Neon Dragon Sign Designs


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One thought on “The Origin of the White Dragon Neon Sign from Blade Runner”

  1. This is one of my favorite neon signs of all time and truly an iconic symbol of BR. I’d love to find someone willing to reproduce a smaller version of this complete with the flickering tongue!

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