Johnny Mnemonic: Pre-production Cyberspace Concept Art by Jamie Rama

This is the first of what I hope will be a long series of posts about the graphic design, prop design and general visual style of the motion picture “Johnny Mnemonic,” 1995.

Below are two images from the pre-production phase of the film, a full-color image and a black-and-white storyboard panel.

I believe both of these were created by Jamie Rama, who would be credited as Co-Designer and Art Director for Sony Pictures Imageworks’ cyberspace sequences.

Though the storyboard frame is an obvious piece of pre-production material, the full color image might easily be assumed to be just another piece of concept art. Conversely, it may be much more significant:

From an article about the production:

“(Sony Pictures Imageworks visual effects supervisor John) Nelson and (Sony Pictures Imageworks visual effects producer George) Merkert began the long process of conceptualizing cyberspace with intense discussions between Johnny Mnemonic’s director Robert Longo and William Gibson. Collaborating closely, the four used color rendered paintings created by artist Jamie Rama as a vehicle for their design dialogue.”

Emphasis mine. Thus, it is possible that this image may be part of the very foundation of Johnny Mnemonic’s most famous landmark.

Please stay tuned for more explorations of the future of the past.


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