Lovecraft’s “The Silver Key,” a DIY Project

My interpretation of “The Silver Key.”

Silver Key









About my design: Because of it’s “cryptical Arabesques”, and HPL’s Arabian Nights leanings, I decided the key should have an Arabic look to it. A little Google Image Searching led me to the keys to the Kaaba (the big black cube at the heart of Mecca), which are very cool looking and covered with Arabic. Go look ’em up. This is a crude, cheap, clumsy replica of a Kaaba key, made by stringing silver colored beads along a thick wire. In person, it is very flimsy and crooked, but with a little careful staging, and the miracle of Photoshop, it looks quite presentable.


Elysium: Hi-Res ChemRail Promo Stills

Newly released by Sony, high-res promotional stills featuring the ChemRail gun, from “Elysium.”

These are 5.5 mB images.