Firefly: ‘Train Job’ Fan-Made Train Tickets

Fit to a letter-size sheet of paper, this PDF will give you two tickets for “Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Raymond” and two blank tickets.
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Firefly / Serenity: Fan-Made Alliance Tax Stamps

These come in two distinct sizes and several varieties:

Small size: postage-stamp-sized, for all manner of smaller consumer goods. Also ideal for documents.

Large: about 1 x 4 inches, designed for all types of beverages, bottled or canned, alcoholic and non.

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Firefly / Serenity: Fan-Made Postage Stamps

These fan-made postage stamps were created by me as a fun way to add flavor to letters, postcards and packages. Please note, however, you do still need to put real postage stamps on your mail.

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Firefly / Serenity: Fan-Made Banknotes: Farmers Bank of Lilac

These were created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, with a few raster elements. The space ship was drawn by Leinil Yu.

They are designed to be printed four to a page.

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Firefly / Serenity: Fan-Made Money: Bank of the Border Moons

These are two bills I designed, based on an old Chinese banknote. They include images by Lee Stringer.

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