Firefly (Serenity): Fruity Oaty Bar Wrapper

This is a fan-made wrapper for Fruity Oaty Bars, based on the iconography of the commercial.

Print on thin, white, glossy paper if possible.

The green bars on the left are your guide to folding the wrapper.

Cut a few pieces of corrugated cardboard slightly shorter than the height of the long green bar and shorter than the length of the finished wrapper.

Tape them together, stacked on top of each other.

You want the cardboard stack to be as thick as the short green bars.

That is going to be your dummy Fruity Oaty Bar.

Cut out the wrapper, but leave the green bars attached and untrimmed. They will help you wrap and fold the wrapper.

Fold the wrapper along the long axis, making a sharp, long crease at every pink dot.

Now flatten the wrapper back out.

Put a long strip of double-sided tape along the blank side of the long edge designated by the white dot.

Put shorter strips of double-sided tape along the blank back side of both of the short edges, taping only where the pink & yellow area is (not under the green bars, because they will be cut off later).

Place your wrapper printed side down, taped side up.

Place the cardboard stack in the center of your wrapper, using the creases as a guide.

Carefully attach the two long sides together, blank side to blank side, using the double-sided tape. You have now made the back flap. Fold it flat against the cardboard bar.

Now press flat each of the narrow, open ends.

Your bar should now be sealed.

Carefully trim off the green bars.

You are now done.

For added realism, trim the narrow ends with zig-zag scissors or pinking shears.

FOB Wrapper Sized – Rev 2


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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