Firefly: Alliance Rations Vouchers (Fan-Made, Non-Canon)

I’m imagining when the Alliance has to demoralize some poor little moon, they institute rationing.

Or for when things are in legitimately short supply. In case there’s a war on, perhaps…

Anyway, it seemed like the sort of thing they would do.

You get vouchers for beef, bread, beer, cloth, fuel and water. Plus a set of generic backs, if you want to go the extra mile and make them two-sided.

These print out at about the same size as a business card.

Print on white or light colored paper or card stock.

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Elysium: Upgraded AK & Exosuits Photo

A new photo of Matt Damon’s modified AK-47 has been released. While not higher resolution than the trailer screencaps, it does give us a slightly different angle.

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