The 9-Weapon: An Overview and a History

Ed: I must give copious thanks to my anonymous benefactor and translator, without whom none of this information would ever have been read by Western eyes.

9-Weapon – A New-Concept Firearm

Crvena Zastava Nosle got its start as a gun manufacturer in the 90’s, as an offshoot of Z.C.Zw (Zavodi Crvena Zastava), after Serbia’s democratization and separation from Yugoslavia.
The Model 22 is the company’s third marketed product. Following the end of the twentieth century, as the world faced a constant rise in the number of terrorism incidents and the severity of urban crime, demand grew for a new style of firearm with different capabilities compared to the traditional categories of “assault rifle” and “SMG.” The 9-Weapon was developed as a man-portable firearm fit to meet that demand. In terms of performance, it is truly a midpoint between its two “parents,” as the newly-developed 5.7mm round affords it stopping power and range that far outstrip the capabilities of an SMG, yet the gun retains high portability. Additionally, since the gun was released as an all-inclusive weapon system with its own versatile kit, it is able to meet a broad variety of needs. However, despite its favourable characteristics, the 9-Weapon has come to be considered too high-powered (especially for urban scenarios), and so popularity has been gravitating toward guns designed for lower-powered ammunition. The 5.7mm round itself ended up banned, and is now only used by certain special forces units. What this means is, we can assume that the weapons in use by Section 9 represent some of that dead stock of a once successful weapon.

A little more of a complex back-story than you expected, right?


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