Chappie: Deon’s Pistol

Here is a still (and an enhanced crop) of Deon holding a pistol. This looks to be a top-break revolver, like an Enfield or Webley.

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Chappie: Fan-Made Police Logo Backgrounds

The coat-of-arms on the police patches (and badges, etc) appears to be a variation on the coat-of-arms of Gauteng Province, home to Johannesburg (the setting of our film) and Pretoria. I recreated the RSAP patches and decals, and made these backgrounds.

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Chappie: “Police Robot Assistant” Patches

The Scout robots wear a patch on their chest that is clearly derived from existing South African police shoulder patches. The patch says “RSAP” (possibly standing for Republic of South Africa Police) and beneath that “Police Robot Assistant” in English and Afrikaans. Note that on the patches, ‘Assistant’ in Afrikaans is misspelled. Compare the images below, one of a real South African police patch, and one of the Scouts’ patches.

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