Chappie: Replica and Fan-made Tetravaal Business Cards

Although there is variation among business card sizes internationally, my replicas are designed for the standard US business card size. This is close to the South African size. I doubt anyone would notice.

Thanks to the prop auctions, we know exactly what Vincent Moore’s card looks like. Michelle and Deon’s cards are extrapolations from that.

Not sure if this address means anything; it’s not Denel’s address (which I had put on my cards before we saw a real one up close). Kempton Park appears to be some ritzy suburb in Gauteng, but I didn’t see any results for “Rift Road.” The GPS coordinates are in the middle of nowhere, outside the city.

Michelle’s title (made up) is based on the title of the CEO of Denel, which was too long to fit, so I truncated it.

Yes, you can take these PDFs and go get them printed. Note that they are one-color but full bleed. Which will affect your price.

BC Deon • BC Michelle • BC Vincent


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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