Total Recall (2012) Minor Graphics Updated

Here’s where I am this evening:


Added a few new vector graphics to bring the total up to 54. Spent a chunk of today trying to decipher the garbled Arabic on the big “Bento” holograms:

I like the Chinese lantern graphic, and I’ve added that to my symbol library, but the Arabic on the signs is a mess, and it’s very difficult to figure out what it was supposed to say, and then typeset that in Illustrator, even though I have the same font.

Arabic letters, like cursive, are connected to each other, and as a result have different forms depending on where in a word they fit. Additionally, Arabic reads ‘backwards’ (from right to left). So, trying to ID an Arabic letter is a challenge, entering the Arabic text into Google Translate is tricky, copying and pasting from Google Translate into Illustrator doesn’t work right (the letter order is reversed and all the ligatures / connected letter forms are lost (which is clearly what happened when these signs were made for the film), which means I have to go through the ‘glyphs’ interface and try to recognize the same letter in different fonts and different forms and then enter it manually, and do this for every letter in every word.

Suffice to say, this is a huge pain in the ass, and on top of that I could only ID properly 2 out of the 3 words: ‘fresh’ (makes sense) and ‘high’ (as part of a two-word phrase). Makes no sense I can figure out; not ‘haute cuisine’, or high calorie, or high class… I think I stuck “lunch” on there or something. I hate having to make up stuff I can’t decipher. So … inaccurate.

I also replicated the hanging lantern art:

On Set Also

Had to make up that Chinese on the top section, though I have a better pic that shows the first character is actually the Chinese lantern graphic. Then it’s 3 characters (for which I chose ‘hot noodles’), and under that, 6 characters laid out like this: X X • X X X X, for which I chose (I forget what), but it was food-related.

Also finished the Chocolate / Pearl Bubble Tea ad (except for the cans):

Which will shortly become a desktop background:



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