Total Recall (1990) Hoffman Ticket Replicas

Briefly visible in Total Recall, when Quaid dumps out his briefcase, is a red pamphlet with two staples and the text “HOFFMAN.” My theory is that this contains Quaid’s shuttle ticket to Mars. I refer you to this line from the script, dated August 22, 1989:

Quaid sets the satchel on an assembly line apparatus and
removes the contents: Packets of MARTIAN MONEY. Quaid
whistles to himself as he flips through the RED BANK NOTES. A
few false IDENTITY CARDS with photos we can’t clearly see. A
INSTRUMENT sealed in clear plastic. A WRIST WATCH.

We can account for everything else listed there, they are all pretty self-evident, except the Hoffman pamphlet. Through the process of elimination, that should be our shuttle ticket. It’s worth noting that the shuttles are Northwest-branded, which suggests that Hoffman is a travel agency of some sort.

Here’s where things get more interesting: Trails of Hoffman is a teleportation company in Philip K. Dick’s 1964 short story / 1966 / 1983 /1984 novel “The Unteleported Man.” I’m guessing this is a deliberate reference to PKD, as there is no one in the cast & crew with the surname Hoffman.

All this being said, I would like to show some enhanced screencaps of the mystery ticket, and my attempt at replicas.

I couldn’t quite nail the font to my satisfaction, so I’m providing two. I think that Trajan is the more accurate of the two. I also had to guess at the text below “Hoffman,” but I think it’s plausible. Ideally, you should print this in black and white on a glossy red sheet of paper. In case you can’t find that, I have provided ‘color’ versions as well. Here they are:

Hoffman Optima Color • Hoffman Optima B&W • Hoffman Trajan B&W • Hoffman Trajan Color


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