Blade Runner Mysteries: The Hard Hat Guys

In my never-ending (possibly insane) quest to document every single graphic design in Blade Runner, I’ve come across something I’ve never noticed before.

You see these hard hat guys in the background (probably).

The symbol on the front of the helmet was quite straightforward. However, upon closer inspection, it looks like there is art on both sides of the hard hat as well:

I haven’t a clue what the Japanese might be, if it’s even translated properly. It’s not “electrical company.” Nor “Consolidated Edison,” nor “Plumbers / Plumbing / Utilities,” nor “Safety First” nor “Worker.”

The symbol on the other side looks like a kamon of a crane(?). But I can’t find one that matches exactly.


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

3 thoughts on “Blade Runner Mysteries: The Hard Hat Guys”

  1. This is not my work. (I was working on Annie by then.) Michael Kaplan (costume designer) head the department during production and he might have designed it or remember who did. Jay Hynkle was head of the BR sign department so he likely produced the sticker and possibly the mark itself. Sir Ridley Scott was constantly needing more and more graphics and set and dressing material at every shot in the filming. It’s why the film looks so good and why you have this monkey on your back.

  2. Thanks for the info, Tom. I naively assumed you were on set all day, every day, applying stickers and graffiti until 3 am.

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