Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs on Mars, et al

In Jurassic Park, when Hammond is revealed in doctors Grant & Sattler’s trailer, behind him on the fridge and wall are various tabloid articles and phony journal articles.

The phony journal articles can be recognized by their dinosaur cartoons by “DL”, which pepper the Making Of book.

The tabloid articles are both from The Weekly World News, a now sadly shuttered publication which ran cover stories such as “Bat with a Human Face” and “Alien Backs Clinton.” A little digging in Google’s ‘books’ archive produced both of them, though only in moderate resolution. I have extracted the page scans, retouched them and sized them properly.

The WWN was a 10.5 in x 11.75 inch publication printed on glossy newsprint, almost always in black and white.

Unfortunately, the interior pages of the dinosaurs on Mars story are damaged, possibly by removing the binding staples prior to scanning. The two interior pages don’t line up very well, so I’m not sure if it was a doubletruck or not.

Space Aliens Stole My Face • Space Probe Finds Dinosaurs on Mars


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