Johnny Mnemonic: High-Res Cyberspace Still Colorized

It’s hard to find good, high-rez stills of the cyberspace scenes from JM. If they were shown online at the time of release, they were generally very low resolution. The only press stills of the cyberspace I’ve seen are black & white. Below is one of each, and then my attempt at combining the two:


This (above) is a publicity still at low resolution. The position of elements in it, and the fact that Johnny’s “gloves” are not present suggests that this was a special high-res render for publicity purposes, likely 8 x 10 stills, and possibly including the poster.


This is a scan of a black & white publicity still.

COlorized HYBRID

This is my attempt to colorize the one with the other. Not perfect, but the price is right.


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