Jurassic Park: Replica Vehicle Hang Tags

You recognize these, of course:

Each of the Jeeps and Explorers had a hang tag with their vehicle number on it. After some struggling to find a matching font, I’ve settled on this one and cranked out replica hang tags for all the vehicles seen on screen. Unfortunately, I had to guess at the size of the things, so final scaling is up to you.

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 004 = Explorer

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 005 = Explorer

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 010 = Muldoon’s search & rescue / T-Rex chase Jeep

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 012 = Nedry’s Jeep

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 018 = Helipad to Visitors’ Center Jeep

JP Vehicle Hang Tag 029 = Helipad to Visitors’ Center Jeep

The veterinarian Harding’s Jeep is only seen from across a field, and I couldn’t tell it’s number. in one of the JP video games, it is stated as number 014.


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

7 thoughts on “Jurassic Park: Replica Vehicle Hang Tags”

  1. Mike, thanks so much. I have been a fan of the movie since I saw it in 93, and a Dinosaur fan most of my life. I just watch JP this week, and was too busy running away to notice the tags, so thanks, again.

  2. Glad you like it :)

    I was 10 when JP came out in ’93, and I saw it 3 times in theaters, which I’ve never done for anything before or since. I love it to death. And having just rewatched it this week in preparation for JW, it still holds up.

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