Johnny Mnemonic: a Rare Image Rediscovered

While searching for pictures of JM’s cyberspace, I recently came across one that was new to me. The following image is from Robert Longo’s website:

Still from Robert Longo's Site - RETOUCHED

Superficially, this the exact same frame that was used for promotional purposes. But what is the header at the top? It’s apparently dated 5:30 pm, May 13, 1995. JM was released in Japan on 15 April, and in the US on 26 May, 1995. This image seems far too late to be a screencapture from the editing suite (if it was edited digitally). And where are datagloves? Was this from the mastering for video tape / laserdisc? What is the name / logo in the upper left corner: Diamond Cine? Gem Cine?

Incidentally, I had to retouch this image; the exposure was quite poor, as you can see in the unretouched image below.

Still from Robert Longo's Site


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