Jurassic Park: Employee ID Tags / Badges

You see a lot of these on eBay, mostly with little to no accuracy to the movie props.

First, I’ll present our best reference material for the tags: the concept art from the Making Of book:


This gives us a good look at the background pattern, which appears to be mostly unchanged. The final IDs seem to adhere closely to this layout, though there are differences.

Here are the screencaps I was able to gather from an HD source:

These are regrettably low res, but we can make out the general layout and at least one important difference: the concept art shows (what I believe to be) red Dymo tape used for the name and title. The finished IDs have no Dymo tape, and no titles. A previous owner of an alleged real ID stated that the T-Rex circular icon was a hologram. Unfortunately, the publicly available material can neither confirm nor deny this.

There is one resource left, however, that may shed some light on this situation: an item included with a special edition of a JP computer game:


Note that the “Jurassic Park” header is accurate to the screen-used IDs, and not the concept art. The position of the T-Rex icon is different from what we can see on the real IDs, though this may have been an artistic consideration to keep the word “IDENTIFICATION” legible. Or it is possible that the location of the icons varied substantially on the real IDs, as it appears to. This may be due to it being hand-applied, if indeed it was a custom sticker / hologram. The odd white space around the InGen logo appears to match the concept art and the real IDs as well. The bar code on the game ID does not seem to match the formatting of Nedry’s (in “Nedry3.jpg”) or the concept art.


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