Only 60 Days Until Halloween!

Everybody panic!


Murder on the Orient Express (1974): Pass Key

These are screencaps of the pass key recovered from the disguise.

shot0001 shot0002

I, Robot (2004): Detective Del Spooner’s (Will Smith) Chicago Police Badge

Set in 2035 Chicago, Will Smith’s character displays this futuristic light-up badge & credentials / ID in the film.

Trailer screencap (2004):

IR Badge 1

HD screencap (circa 2012):


The shot may have been cropped in editing or HD transfer. Additionally, the ‘scanning’ effect is different in the trailer than in the final film, In the HD screencap, one can notice a small wrinkle in the faux carbon fiber decal (vinyl?) on the lower left corner. Milling marks are visible on the badge. Additionally, the distinctive font used for “SPOONER” etc, is an older font developed by Apple for their earliest Macintosh computers in 1984, which would make it 51 years old at the time this movie takes place (20 years old at time of filming). It’s use here is, I suspect, a deliberate inside joke by a graphic designer, as the font is named “Chicago.”

Robot Jox: The Novelization

I picked up the novelization of Robot Jox on impulse, to see if I could glean any more information from it, in the absence of a shooting script.

It was written by Robert Thurston, based on a screenplay by Joe Haldeman & Dennis Paoli.

Right off the bat, it gives us some interesting details: Christmas has been suppressed, WWIII was 100 years ago, etc, etc.

The characterization of Alexander is different, and does not reflect Paul Koslo.

Which makes me wonder how early a draft of the screenplay this was. I’d like to be able to find some distinctive traces of Haldeman in here, but I’m not that familiar with his work, having only read The Forever War some years ago.

I’ll let you know what other interesting nuggets I find :)

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