Updates: Zazzle & Balaji Imperial

Spent more time dicking around with Zazzle today. They were smart enough to recognize the Weylan-Yutani ‘wings’ logo, and nixed all the products with it. Everything else appears to have gotten through review unscathed. Still working on categorizing, organizing and polishing things.

Acquired the clip art book that is the source for the Turk image on the Balaji Imperial pack. Will scan and vectorize soon. Also purchased an ugly Tupperware mug of the same model used on the Nostromo, to try and get some solid dimensions photogrammetrically. The problem with the pack is that it could be any crazy size…. it’s supposed to have 20 cigarettes in it, but they could be long or short or thin or thick… Or some now-obsolete UK size / combination…. Or it might have been made without reference to a real pack of cigarettes and won’t fit anything. It seems oddly thin, assuming it’s assembled correctly. Which I can see that one of them on screen is not.

I’m fiddling around with wordmark placement & art for the box, and trying to stay as accurate to what is seen on film as I can. Unfortunately, there is a lot of guesswork. I thought I could make the front slightly different than the back, each using reasonable but different text. Also trying to cram as many obscure references to the Alien universe as I can on the unseen areas, flaps, etc.


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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