For Sale: Maas-Neotek Logo T-Shirts!

Inspired by Neuromancer and other works of cyberpunk prophet William Gibson, I created (a while ago) a logo design for Maas-Neotek. Why MN? Several years ago (ten or more?), I had quickly made up some cyberpunk props including the Maas-Neotek factory prototype that Turner uses in Count Zero:

The console had the blank, half-finished look of a factory prototype.

Sadly, mine was just an old disk drive with an “MN” sticker slapped on it and was probably much smaller than what Gibson intended. Looking over my mediocre work from years ago inspired me to have a second go at the MN logo. Eventually, I came up with a pleasing design that I thought was reasonably clever.

The two letters M and N were then used as the basis for a wordmark. Later, I was able to derive an entire alphabet in upper and lower case from it, but shelved it when I got to the numerals. It was used, however, in my “Cyberpunk” category image:

Cyber Punk Icon

Check out that sexy neon style!

After an enormous amount of tweaking and fiddling and comparing slightly different versions I nailed down the positions and sizes of the logo and the wordmark. The company colors were the last thing to be decided on. I had wanted purple, as it struck me as unusual and perhaps futuristic. I then thought about adding a complementary color. After much more fiddling and comparing I settled on a blue-teal color. On a black shirt, it all looks pretty good:


This is also available on a white tee, which I don’t think looks anywhere near as cool, for the budget-conscious. As always, if you would like to see this logo on other products (phone cases, ladies’ shirts, etc.) or in a different color combination, your wish is my command!


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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