Robot Jox: The Novelization: Facts and Info

This is my list of (most of) the interesting tidbits from the RJ novel:


Exactly 100 years after WWIII: 2088 at earliest? 2089? 2090?

Christmas and all other religious holidays banned by both powers

Opening: Market Jock Cantares killed by Alexander

Map: Confed nations in red, Market in blue, neutrals (used for banking and legal matters) in white, disputed in yellow

That last fight gave Alexander a record of 8 fights and 8 kills. Undefeated.

Achilles has 9 victories. Undefeated. If he wins, he will be only the 2nd Jock in history to win all of his contracted 10 matches.

The Market just lost “some islands somewhere.” Possibly Hawaii? Philippines?

But the exact “Crash and burn” fist-bump is in here.

Tex is the first undefeated Robot Jock.

There are minor robot fighting leagues!

The Valley of Death (Death Valley?) playing field is 2 km long, from hangar to hangar.

The Jox bar is called the Jox Trap.

The bar is decorated like an old West saloon.

The Common Market.

Confeds: Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Slavic.

Market: Asian, Western Europe, North American

Sargon is the only other named Gen Jock. Probably the black guy.

Achilles has an ex-wife named Kate.

Achilles’ team is all dead now except for him: Murphy, Deshevsky, Keeler (Cantares?)

Suggests they have terraformed asteroids.

Samson: Achilles’ first opponent

Baseball now forgotten

Achilles parents were farmers

Achilles’ flying car is a Mercedes

Japan is neutral

Achilles’ last name is Lucas. First name Jim (or James?)

And Achilles’ car is government property.

And that is apparently Achilles’ ex and his brother living together and having a million kids.

The rattle room has a second stage. And Athena is the second through the door.

Jameson offers Achilles 1 million shares for one more fight with Alexander. He got 250,000 for his previous 10 fights combined.

Then Jameson threatens that if Athena loses to Alexander, and loses Alaska, the Market will go to war against the Confederation.

Tex’s last fight was against Vassilyev, in a Kobalevsky 7. Tex was in a Marketeer. Tex won back Kampuchea (Cambodia).

Additionally, Tex drugged the previous Jox coach & took his place.

Alexander signed up for another ten matches, starting with his final rematch with Achilles.


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