The Golf Specialist (W. C. Fields) Wanted Poster

Not a great short, but OK. Most of the golfing gags will be reused in a film, though I forget which one. I do like this poster, though it’s too bad we don’t get a better look at it:


I like the enormous lists of aliases and wanted fors. Here are the aliases I can make out:

Dirty Deal Duffy, Rev. D. D. Dunk, Capt. (?) Rufus Durfry, Bishop (?) O’Brien, ??? … J. Edward Frost (?)

Looks like there’s an Admiral in there, and a Sailor, and a Prince, and a General, too.

And the ‘wanted fors:’

??? Manslaughter, Homicide, Assault, Grand Larceny, Petty Larceny, ???

(Start of next line obscured) Arson, Kidnapping, Highway Robbery, ???, etc.

Apparently completely different from the crimes on the poster are the ‘joke’ crimes shown in closeup immediately after:



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