For Sale: Original and Repro Alien Shirts & Such!

OK, a lot of my new Alien stuff has been ‘posted for sale’ and been sitting there for over 48 hours, and I’m hoping that means it’s unlikely to be killed tomorrow. But what have we got? First, an overview:


From the bottom, going up, we have the new-ish “What’s the Story Mother?” shirt, Balaji paperboard coasters / beer mats, my EU patch mug (which is old) and the we get to the new good stuff:

On the left, you see a t-shirt (printed on the back) designed to look like the crew jackets. On the right, you see a more … consumer friendly(?) design, with the ship’s USCSS title, name and make and model. Slightly more, I dunno, souvenir-like? The color of the letters is the WY wings teal-cyan color, and the “Nostromo” font is a match to the jacket lettering. I even altered the R to make it all as close as possible. It’s all for you, Damien sci-fi fans!

Next, you’ll see some of my ALL ORIGINAL Korzeniowski Station products!:

But what is Korzeniowski Station? I’LL TELL YOU! In the film, we see Ripley & Friends are returning to Earth, from “the Solomons.” I think it’s reasonable to assume The Solomons is / are a solar system of some kind. As we can see, the Nostromo is capable to landing and taking off from a planet, but I doubt the refinery and her 20 million tons of ore are. I don’t think the refinery even has her own engines. Remember, the Nostromo is a ‘towing vehicle.’ So, I’m speculating that the refinery and her contents were picked up in orbit somewhere in the Solomons. Hence, my Commercial Cargo Station! She is located at the 2nd Lagrangian point in the Solomons system. That’s a somewhat arbitrary decision on my part.

BUT WHAT’S WITH THE NAME? You know all the stuff in Alien / Aliens has weird-sounding names: Nostromo, Narcissus, Sulaco, etc. These are all pulled from the works of Joseph Conrad, of Heart of Darkness fame. Allegedly, Ridley was a fan. So, I combed through some Wikipedia articles & summaries and came up with a short list of suitable names. I chose Conrad’s (Polish) birth surname because I like the idea of a more diverse population in space, not just Brits and Americans. Also, the Polish name would let me call this an EU space station, which would let me use the EU colors and the EU patch I had created earlier. Drawing inspiration from the Nostromo patch and her classification and the patches from the Sevastopol, I put together this ‘combination’ mark with her system, Lagrange point, fictional exoplanet designation (SO1857 for Shusett+O’Bannon, and Joseph Conrad’s birth year), and her description, “European Union Commercial Cargo Station.” It was ‘EU Commercial Space Station’ for the longest time, but EUCSS was too close to USCSS for me, so I changed it to Cargo so it became the less similar EUCCS.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PATCH, MAN? IIRC, the patch was designed first, again drawing heavily on the Nostromo patch and the Sevastopol patches. Again using the EU colors and the colors of the Polish flag. I took the Nostromo patch as a guide and swapped the blue background for yellow, and the yellow borders and text for blue. The central image is based on the refinery from Alien, tweaked and duplicated to suggest a large space station like the Sevastopol. Additional accent colors are cool gray and Weylan-Yutani Teal. Whereas the Nostromo patch has an outer ‘rainbow’ parallel to the border of the patch, the Korzeniowski has outer stripes perpendicular to the border. The radiating rays behind the station are borrowed from the rays coming off the small gold star in the Nostromo patch.

Just below the patch, you’ll see my EU ‘space wings’ patch. This is deliberately designed to echo both the Weylan-Yutani wings logo and the rank wings patches worn by the Nostromo crew. The US Air Force has a winged badge for astronauts, but I was unable to find a similar badge for EU astronauts.

So, there are some Korzeniowski mugs and stickers, and a luggage tag, and stuff like that. If you want a certain item I don’t have, LET ME KNOW. Ladies’ tees? Cell phone cases? License plates? Playing Cards? Ping pong balls, poker chips, whatever.

Do you want an embroidered Korzeniowski patch? I know a guy who knows a guy. Won’t be cheap, but I can ask around.


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Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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