When Does V for Vendetta Take Place?

According to computer displays in the film, no earlier than November of 2024:


Additionally, Evey’s BTN ID is marked as expiring on 12/24. If this is not December 24th, but December of 2024, then V must take place in November of 2025, which would put it at just over 20 years after the release of the film.


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One thought on “When Does V for Vendetta Take Place?”

  1. I believe the bombing of Old Bailey took place November 5, 2034 and the bombing of Parliament took place November 5, 2035.

    Valerie was detained sometime in 2018 and died within 6 months. I believe the detainment facility fire took place between this time and November 5, 2020. With the extent of “V”‘s injuries, he would have had to recover for at least 5 years, training in many forms of Martial arts and swordfighting for at least 7 years and accumulation of products needed for his plan would have taken at least 7 years which could have been done during his training. 2 years to cement his plan and track down his perpetrators. That takes us to 2034. Then the year of killing off most of his perpetrators, maintaining autonomy, and all the final small details of the Parliament bombing takes us to November 5, 2035.

    Also the gunpowder treason took place November 5, 1605. As much as “V” has maintained symbolism throughout the movie, this small detail wouldn’t have been looked over.

    What do you think of my theory?

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