Dinotopia: The Books: The Props

I forget how or why, but I thought of Dinotopia last night, and I’d like to present some of the illustrations of props and set dressing that appear in the books:


Compare the amulet above with the real, Egyptian amulets below, also illustrated by James Gurney:

Amulet Scarabs by JG.jpg

Many more illustrations below the jump:


Continent Clockwork.sm.jpg

Edison Phonograph.sm.jpg





Statue 1.jpg

Statue 2

I would dearly love for someone to recreate any of these, ideally in an inexpensive, hand-held format (so probably not the clockwork continents or the phonograph, or the orrery). But the amulet, keys, coin, scroll, bottle and statues are more do-able. Ideally, JG could do what Mike Mignola’s doing with his Hellboy stuff through Skeleton Crew Studios: actual size, licensed, affordable replica props. Psst! Mr. Gurney!



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