The Black Stone: Timeline

A simplified timeline of events mentioned in Robert E. Howard’s “The Black Stone.”


(All dates are Anno Domini / Common Era)

434: Attila becomes ruler of the Huns.

453: Attila dies.

1526: Ottoman Turks invade Hungary. Army of Suleiman the Magnificent under the command of Selim Bahadur reaches Stregoicavar, burns town, kills inhabitants, moves on to Schomvaal. Count Boris Vladinoff leads a stand against the Turks at Schomvaal, near Stregoicavar. Selim Bahadur & Vladinoff killed at battle of Schomval. The Turks will occupy much of Hungary until 1699.

1795: F. W. von Junzt born.

1809: “Remnants of Lost Empires” by Otto Dostmann published. Dostmann claims Black Stone to be a Hun monument commemorating a victory of Attila over the Goths. Also declares the inscription ‘unmistakably Mongoloid.’

1839: “Nameless Cults” by von Junzt first published. Von Junzt states Black Stone not a Hun monument.

1840: von Junzt is killed, Alexis Ladeau commits suicide.

1845: “Nameless Cults” pirated by Bridewall in London.

1909: “Nameless Cults” censored & reprinted by Golden Goblin Press, New York

1921: Poet Justin Geoffrey visits Stregoicavar.

1926: Justin Geoffrey dies screaming in a madhouse.

1931: The present.

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