Elysium: ChemRail Photos

Fourteen professional, high resolution photos of the ChemRail prop(s) designed and fabricated by Weta, below the jump:

These were taken in preparation for the offering of a licensed replica ChemRail prop, like the runs of replica District 9 weapons. Sadly, that did not come to pass.

Promo stills from the film:

A prop rifle sold by The Prop Store of London:

Their description of the same:

This rifle has been crafted from resin and metal, and decorated with paint detailing and various labels. The item features a retractable trigger, spring-loaded butt, and a hinged ammunition magazine.

This item features some signs of wear from production use, including some scuffs on the magazine, but remains in overall excellent condition.

Item size – 39.0″ x 11.0″ x 3.0″ (99.06cm x 27.94cm x 7.62cm)


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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