The Expanse: BeltTrans & Tech Noir Shirts

Two more new-ish shirt designs:

BeltTrans is the operator of the ship that Miller takes to Eros. Tech Noir is the name of the shady store where Miller goes looking for the ‘sherpa.’ These are both based on screen caps. The BeltTrans is a combination of the logo(?) seen on walls inside and the wordmark seen on the exterior of the ship.


Tech Noir


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

2 thoughts on “The Expanse: BeltTrans & Tech Noir Shirts”

  1. heya, I have one of your Ceres Station shirts…Is it my imagination or was there a logo on Eros that said something like “Get lucky on Eros Station” I really need that. hint hint

    1. There are some video ads in the pachinko parlor on Eros that said “Everyone’s a Winner on Eros” or something to that effect. They struck me as pretty bland, relatively speaking.

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