The Expanse: Beratnas Gas Mock Uniform Shirt

Since I already had the art, I figured I’d give it a try…


One off-the-rack mechanics’ shirt and two digitally printed vinyl heat transfers later and here I am: a not-show-accurate, but passable BG ‘uniform’ shirt. Cheaper than a run of custom patches, but without the apparent thickness the show patches have. Also, a bit big (don’t be afraid to return ’em, kids at home), and hot (65% poly plus a big vinyl patch on the back). Looks cool, should last as long as the shirt does. ‘Patches’ could do with a little weathering. Maybe a P&K one next? Or get Amos’ patches put on the sleeves?

You Guys Look Like Shit
“You look like shit.”

Thanks, Amos, that means a lot.


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

4 thoughts on “The Expanse: Beratnas Gas Mock Uniform Shirt”

    1. Thank you; and, I didn’t – I had a local print shop do it. Appears to be digitally printed on heat-transfer vinyl.

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