Captain America: Steve Rogers’ Dog Tags

Best seen during the grenade scenes at Camp Lehigh:

“Is this a test?”

Here’s a set from the auction, where you can read the data:

Captain America The First Avenger Auction Catalog by Profiles in


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2 thoughts on “Captain America: Steve Rogers’ Dog Tags”

  1. The dogtags listed are the second type issued for WWII, which lacks the next of kin and street address for next of kin of the first type. These second types were issued from July 43 through March 44, superseded thereafter with type three, which is nearly identical. BTW the rumors about he use of the notch are spurious. The notch existed for the sole purpose of stacking blanks into the stamping machine: two pins held the blanks, one though the suspension hole and the other through the notch. I note that it is marked “P” for Protestant. You can save a bundle of money and get a perfect repro made by dog tag suppliers on line for about ten bucks.

    A quick source for your prop making needs

  2. Thanks for the info. Considering that the application of the serum was apparently in June of 1943, Rogers must have been issued his tags before then. Also, given that his file lists no next of kin, it’s arguable that he might have had the earlier style tags.

    I had a pair of tags made for me at the local Army-Navy surplus store, which saved me the cost of shipping :)

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