Captain America’s Knife

During the POW rescue, the Cap has a knife in a sheath strapped to his left ankle:

This may be an M3 Paratrooper knife and scabbard, but with an additional strap to tie it to his leg. Since the ‘pocket’ tie on the Cap’s left leg is missing, this might be what it was used for. Conversely, after the rescue the knife switches sides:


The above pic shows something that looks more like leather, tied lower on the scabbard as well.


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Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

One thought on “Captain America’s Knife”

  1. Let me preface by saying that I have not seen the movie. The M3 Fighting knife was first issued in March of 1943 and production discontinued as of August of 1944, being replaced with the M4 bayonet, although the existing M3s were kept by the soldiers. Then again being a prop, who knows what it is, perhaps a worked up Navy knife or a post war item. A good source for those who care can try, Knives of the US Military World War II by Michael Silvey, it’s a nice coffee table book as it lacks a lot of detail for hardcore collectors, but a nice overview.

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