Captain America: Stark Transponder Replica

Rather than attempt to make the Hydra battery first, I thought that the transponder would be simpler. I may have been wrong. The moral of the story is: don’t let a certain set of software skills sit unused for two years and then think it will all come back to you in minutes…

First, I gathered all available reference material, which sadly consisted of screencaps and professional and amateur auction photos. Nothing in the art book, no solid dimensions. So I guessed at the size based on comparing the width of my gloved thumb with the Captain’s. Then I scaled the images to match. Redrew the whole thing in Illustrator, then made some ‘blueprints’ for myself. Built it from scratch in 3D, with plenty of mistakes & compromises along the way.

Exported the final model, uploaded it to Shapeways, chose a material and ordered it. Ideally, it will ship out on the 30th of August.

In the meantime, I may try my hand at the battery. Problem with the battery is that it really has to light up for the full effect. The transponder doesn’t have to do anything.


Author: Staff Writer

Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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