A Smattering of Spooky Shirts

A quick round-up and refresher of some of my Halloween-appropriate shirts:


Hounds of Tindalos

Space Kook

Classic Monster Movies Scholar


Captain America: M1 Helmet “A” Stencil

This is based on promo stills, auction pics and screencaps from the film. Mine is scaled to fit my ‘toy’ plastic helmet; you may wish to scale this to suit your helmet:


Helmet Letter PDF

Captain America: “Heater” Shield Template

This is designed to fit within the ‘jigsaw’ edges of a 2 x 2 foot foam floor tile:


Because of this, it is slightly smaller than the ‘real’ prop shields. The proportions are as accurate as I can make them, with my limited reference material, so it can be enlarged, should you wish to do so.

Heater Shield Template

Happy Birthday, Sam Neill!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite actors: Sam Neill!

Perhaps most famous for portraying Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park (and JP III), but also beloved for The Hunt for Red October, In The Mouth of Madness, Alcatraz, Event Horizon, The Omen III, Daybreakers, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, The Dish, Bicentennial Man, etc, etc!


Happy Birthday, Ian Holm!

Perhaps most famous as the villainous Ash in Alien, but also well-regarded for Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element and the older Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit / LOTR movies.


Also a couple turns as Napoleon (and Kubrick’s unmade Napoleon biopic), and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, and Sir William Gull in From Hell, etc, etc.


Happy Birthday, Joe Pantoliano!

Perhaps best known as the traitorous Cypher from The Matrix, Joe Pantoliano is also the abrasive Teddy in Memento, Cosmo from The Fugitive and US Marshals, and (my favorite) the dapper Eddie Ventro in Congo.


“I feel the money hairs on the back of my neck going ‘Woo, woo woo!'”