A Tour of Lin Carter Country

Linwood Vrooman Carter • 1930-1988

Recently, I accidentally discovered that I am from the same town as Lin Carter, and also attended the same high school.

In my quest to contribute in any way to the Mythos, I thought it might be fun and easy to look up the ol’ Carter family residence, and see if it still stood. There was a little bit of fun, but it was not easy. These are my results:

Linwood Vrooman Carter was born on June 9th, 1930, in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to my checks of the city directories:


1940: The Carter family lives at 1213 Burlington Avenue North (no longer extant). At that time, his father, Nicholas (aka Nick [?]) Carter is listed in the city directory as a cook. The 1940 US census does not show the Carters at this address:



1943: The Carter family lives at 814 ½ 14th Street North. At that time, his father is employed as a clerk (possibly a typographical error for cook). The house numbers no longer correspond exactly.


1950: Lin Carter lives with a relative (?), Raymond L. Carter and his wife Lucy V. Carter at 1734 Newark Street South. He is listed as being a student:



1952: Lin Carter is still recorded as residing at 1734 Newark Street South, but is listed as being in the US Army. According to newspaper records, Lin served 2 years with the infantry in the Korean War:


I checked the following city directories for any Nick / Nicholas Carters and Lin / Linwood Carters. Some volumes were missing. Lin Carter family listings are indicated by a Y for Yes and an N for No Entry. Since the city directories would be assembled with data from the calendar year prior, my “1950” above corresponds to the city directory dated “1951” below:

  • 1927: N
  • 1928: Nicholas E. Carter (a barber) & Pauline Carter (wife) listed. Unknown relation.
  • 1929: N
  • 1930: N
  • 1931: N
  • 1932: Missing
  • 1933: N
  • 1934: Missing
  • 1935: N
  • 1936: N
  • 1937: N
  • 1938: N
  • 1939: N
  • 1940: N
  • 1941: Yes, see 1940 above.
  • 1942: N
  • 1943: Missing
  • 1944: Yes, 1943 see above.
  • 1945: N
  • 1946: N
  • 1947: N
  • 1948: N
  • 1949: N
  • 1950: Missing
  • 1951: Yes, see 1950 above.
  • 1952: N
  • 1953: Yes, see 1952 above.
  • 1954: N
  • 1955: Missing
  • 1956: Missing
  • 1957: Nick Carter is listed as being a cook at Admiral Farragut (a boy’s military school / academy), and apparently lives on the campus at 7601 5th Avenue North.

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Thirty-something graphic designer trapped in a boring part of Florida.

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