Blade Runner (1982): Kirin Beer Bottle


Among its many smaller enigmas, the original BR is a forest of mysterious bottles used as props and set dressing. Foremost among these are the 2019 Johnny Walker Black Label bottle and the Smirnoff de Czar bottles, but there are others. One is the elusive, tall ‘craft bottle,’ the labels of which recently turned up at auction. But this post is about another bottle, buried deep in the background: a Kirin beer bottle.

In the cropped still above, taken from very early in the film, behind Harrison Ford you can see some TVs playing a distorted commercial.


Upon closer inspection, this short scene appears to show a geisha pouring a bottle of beer:

Some guessing and Photoshop work later, I believe I’ve found the likely brand and bottle:

Kirin Beer, in the late 70’s to early 80’s style bottle:

Good luck, and happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1982): Kirin Beer Bottle”

  1. Hey Staff Witer, I like your post on the Obama dollars in Total Recall remake. I created the bills in the film. Happy to share the original files with you.

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