The Hounds of Tindalos: Reconstructed Timeline of Events

This is my attempt at a chronological list of events mentioned in Frank Belknap Long’s short story, “The Hounds of Tindalos.” I am including the events of the ‘present’ only – not those mentioned as being in the distant past.

Here be spoilers:


May 1: Chalmers rents the apartment in Partridgeville, New York.

June 20: (Day estimated, time likely after dark); Chalmers takes the drug Liao & sees through time.

June 21: Sometime between Frank leaving Chalmers’ yesterday, and the time Frank arrives in the morning of this day, Chalmers has removed all the furniture from his apartment. Chalmers & Frank plaster the now empty room.

July 4: Evening; Low conversation heard in Chalmers’ apartment.

July 5: 2 am earthquake damages plaster in Chalmers’ apartment. By 7 am, Chalmers is dead. Chalmers’ body discovered at 9 am.

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