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Lin Carter: Class of ’48

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Linwood Vrooman Carter • St. Petersburg High School • Class of 1948

I managed to find low-res scans of an old SPHS yearbook online: 1948; Lin’s senior year of high school. What follows are the few instances where I could positively ID Lin. This yearbook appears to have had no index.

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A Tour of Lin Carter Country

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Linwood Vrooman Carter • 1930-1988

Recently, I accidentally discovered that I am from the same town as Lin Carter, and also attended the same high school.

In my quest to contribute in any way to the Mythos, I thought it might be fun and easy to look up the ol’ Carter family residence, and see if it still stood. There was a little bit of fun, but it was not easy. These are my results:

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Blade Runner-Inspired MetroKab Cards For Sale

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Inspired by Blade Runner, and designed by me, these fan-made, non-canon ‘wallet stuffers’ are now available on eBay and the RPF:


I have endeavoured to capture not only the style of the 1982 sci-fi film, but also somewhat maintain the technical limitations of the period (to a certain degree). My card has a very simple, limited palette of colors, no holograms, no embossed text, no full-color graphics, no QR codes, etc. My card is four-color process printed on a thin, flexible plastic stock; thinner and softer than a credit card, but more durable than paper cardstock.

MetroKab Card eBay Listing

And also available in the Project Runs section of the RPF’s junkyard, for members, wherein I will offer certain, limited international shipping.

Certain Signs, Swastikas and The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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H. P. Lovecraft began to write The Shadow Over Innsmouth in 1931. In one part of Zadok Allen’s history, he mentions “certain signs” belonging to the ‘Old Ones’ which have powers over (or against) the Deep Ones:

“…sarten signs sech as was used onct by the lost Old Ones … them old magic signs as the sea-things says was the only things they was afeard of … In some places they was little stones strewed abaout—like charms—with somethin’ on ’em like what ye call a swastika naowadays. Prob’ly them was the Old Ones’ signs…”

While this use of the swastika may seem incongruous to a late 20th / early 21st century audience, it is in fact a very old symbol, appearing in ancient North America, Europe, Africa and India. What most likely prompted the use of it here (in the Pacific) in HPL’s story were the public speculations of James Churchward from 1926 on:


Popular Science, March, 1928.

We know HPL was familiar with Churchward’s theories because he mentions him by name in Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1932) and Out of the Aeons (1933). Reading the first 3 paragraphs of the article above gives us a clear view at the then popular ‘lost continent’ stories in the public eye at the time, and the ‘evidence’ used to support them.

The Haunter of the Dark: a Partial Chronology

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Pieced together by me, based on the text of the story.

Here be Spoilers:

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Museums Mentioned in HPL’s Fiction

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This is the result of a quick search of for the word “museum.” Very exhaustive, and fool-proof, I’m sure. The following are museums (but not libraries), real and fictional, mentioned by name (or implied specifically enough to ID) in the written fiction of H. P. Lovecraft:

The Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia. Holds the “Alert” Cthulhu idol from The Call of Cthulhu. Real.

The British Museum, London, UK. Holds a copy of the Necronomicon, as stated in The History of the Necronomicon. This is curious, as The British Library would seem to be a better custodian of such a rare book. Real.

The Cabot Museum of Archaeology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Greatest collection of in mummies in America, as mentioned in Out of the Aeons. Fictional.

Captain Orne’s ‘marine museum,’ Martin’s Beach, Massachusetts, USA. Short-lived museum built on a boat, containing the remains of a sea monster, from The Horror at Martin’s Beach. Fictional.

The Miskatonic University Museum, Arkham, Massachusetts, USA. Contains some Innsmouth jewelry, as mentioned in The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Fictional.

The Newburyport Historical Society, Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA. Innsmouth jewelry, The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Fictionalized version of The Museum of Old Newbury.

The Paterson Museum, Paterson, New Jersey, USA. Local and natural history, mentioned in The Call of Cthulhu. Real.

The Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Art modern & historical. Mentioned as containing materials related to the local witch trials in The Shunned House. Real.

Rogers’ Museum, London, UK. Wax figures / monsters, from The Horror in the Museum. Fictional.

Refreshing 7-Eleven

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An Unofficial Logo Design Experiment

All this digging into 7-Eleven’s graphic identity (BTTF II & Lucky Dragon) has made me want to do my own version of a futuristic 7-Eleven logo.

I tweaked the 7 in numerous subtle ways, adding a hint of italics. I then tweaked the text to match. Because I like what Burger King did with their logo recently, I thought I’d try to do the same thing here: take something previously rectangular, and shape it into a circle. The resulting shape can also suggest a crescent moon, implying their late-night hours.

7-Eleven Experiment

An unofficial logo redesign experiment.

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