The Matrix (1999): Agent Costume References, General

Reference photos / screencaps of Agent Smith & the other agents from the first film only.

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Jaws (1975): Brody’s Uniform

Some quickie screencaps of Martin Brody’s (Roy Scheider’s) Amity Police uniform:

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Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald: Newt’s Wand Notice Scrap

As seen very briefly in the film, and also in this promo still:

crimes-of-grindelwald-newt thumb.jpg

Newt has a small scrap from the New York Ghost newspaper stuck to the inside of his suitcase:

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Blade Runner (1982): Kirin Beer Bottle


Among its many smaller enigmas, the original BR is a forest of mysterious bottles used as props and set dressing. Foremost among these are the 2019 Johnny Walker Black Label bottle and the Smirnoff de Czar bottles, but there are others. One is the elusive, tall ‘craft bottle,’ the labels of which recently turned up at auction. But this post is about another bottle, buried deep in the background: a Kirin beer bottle.

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