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Logan: Logan’s Black Suit

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In “Logan,” Wolverine wears a black suit for the early part of the film. Below are two retouched promo stills, enhanced to show details:

Black Suit 1.jpg

Note that the pants appear to be black jeans, and not dress pants, judging from the hem on the cuff. He also wears a narrow black necktie.

1,000 Posts!

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What a long, strange blog it’s been :)

I am still active, and I’ll try to post some more fun stuff in the coming weeks, including stuff from season 2 of The Expanse, Kong: Skull Island and the Alien universe.

Lin Carter: Class of ’48

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Linwood Vrooman Carter • St. Petersburg High School • Class of 1948

I managed to find low-res scans of an old SPHS yearbook online: 1948; Lin’s senior year of high school. What follows are the few instances where I could positively ID Lin. This yearbook appears to have had no index.

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A Tour of Lin Carter Country

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Linwood Vrooman Carter • 1930-1988

Recently, I accidentally discovered that I am from the same town as Lin Carter, and also attended the same high school.

In my quest to contribute in any way to the Mythos, I thought it might be fun and easy to look up the ol’ Carter family residence, and see if it still stood. There was a little bit of fun, but it was not easy. These are my results:

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Lovecraftian Newspaper Filler Articles

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Presented as a public service for those who need to pad a period newspaper, or add some red herrings to the back side of an article. The following images are all real, period articles from American papers, 1924-1929.

A special note to those composing period newspaper articles: please do your due diligence. Research real articles from the period and area in question. A simple Google Image Search for the location, year, and ‘newspaper article’ should give you some samples of what they would look like. As will the following excerpts:

Man-Made Monster Shirts (et al)

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Based on an old monster movie poster:

Man-Made Monster at TeePublic

Sale at TeePublic!

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