Royal Cypher of Hildred Castaigne, King and Emperor of America

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Royal cypher of Hildred Castaigne, by Right of Hastur King and Emperor of America. Designed by me, and inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ “The King in Yellow.”


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Sleipnir Believes in You!

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But do you believe in Sleipnir? Let the greatest of all horses inspire you, with this Norse mythology based design:


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Yellow Sign Chromatic Aberration

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Ultra-modern, hip and hi-tech version of The Yellow Sign. Be the coolest kid in Carcosa when you’ve found the New & Improved Yellow Sign!


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Yellow Sign Chromatic Multiple Stickers Only

Have You Found The Yellow Sign?

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…For some time I tossed about the bed trying to get the sound of his voice out of my ears, but could not. It filled my head, that muttering sound, like thick oily smoke from a fat-rendering vat or an odour of noisome decay. And as I lay and tossed about, the voice in my ears seemed more distinct, and I began to understand the words he had muttered. They came to me slowly as if I had forgotten them, and at last I could make some sense out of the sounds. It was this:

“Have you found the Yellow Sign?”

I was furious. What did he mean by that? Then with a curse upon him and his I rolled over and went to sleep, but when I awoke later I looked pale and haggard, for I had dreamed the dream of the night before, and it troubled me more than I cared to think.

Inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ “The King in Yellow,” I’ve created a couple of my own interpretations of the infamous Yellow Sign:


Arabesque tile style

Yellow Sign ‘Tile’ at TeePublic

Yellow Sign ‘Tile’ at RedBubble

Yellow Sign Tile Multiple Stickers Only

This is a simpler version (below), more in keeping with Chambers’ description of the clasp:

…inside lay a clasp of black onyx, on which was inlaid a curious symbol or letter in gold. It was neither Arabic nor Chinese, nor, as I found afterwards, did it belong to any human script.


Onyx clasp with inlay (simple style)

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Sign of the Scorpion

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Created this scorpion graphic. Thought it might look cool. Could mean anything!

Available wherever finer scorpions are sold:

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Batman v Superman: Clark Kent Costume References

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Not claiming that this covers every change of wardrobe, but it should be most of them. Retouched screencaps (lightened, and attempted to color-balance) below the jump:

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Wonder Woman: Belgium 1918 Photo Replica

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Recreated in Photoshop from HD screencaps from Batman v Superman:

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