The Hunt for Red October: Officers’ Parade Caps

I’d never noticed these until my latest viewing. The senior officers have ‘parade caps’ which they almost never wear. Here we can see Dr. Petrov wearing his during the evacuation after the ‘reactor accident:’


And here are Borodin and Ramius with theirs, which appear identical with the exception of additional gold wreaths on the bill:


Note that these appear to be using the same badge as the ushankas, and the buttons holding the braid appear to be the same as the smaller Soviet naval buttons.

Red October: Ryan’s Soviet Tactics Book

Seen very briefly inside Jack Ryan’s briefcase as he is packing in the opening credits is this small paperback book titled “Tactics” and subtitled “A Soviet View.”

shot0002 retouched

This is a real book, and was edited by V. G. Reznichenko, published in Moscow in 1984 (as “Taktika”), and translated and republished by the USAF in 1987 (printed by the GPO?), apparently with the approval of the Soviet Union.

This was apparently intended for officers of the Soviet Army and military academy students.

Ironically, since this was printed in 1987, Ryan couldn’t have had a copy in 1984.

Red October: Ramius’ Cabin Set Dressing

Barely visible in the film is this plaque on the wall of Ramius’ cabin. It’s only seen for a few frames when Ramius kills Putin:

Wall Plaque

Appears to be some sort of commemorative Soviet Navy plaque. I can see the Soviet Naval flag at the top, and what appears to be a globe, and possibly a ship and a submarine. A quick search for “Soviet Navy plaque” turned up no matches.

Red October: Submarine Bridge Sets

At least one of the submarine bridges was built on an enormous gimbal, so it could be tilted to simulate the sub banking and turning and rising and diving, etc. Must have cost a fortune.

Photos of this are rare for some reason, but here are two:

Red Set 1

Obviously, the above is a photo of Connery and Baldwin on the Red October’s bridge.

Red Set 2b

This appears to be a shot of the Red October’s bridge as well. Here you can see the more of the depth and height of the set.

The Hunt for Red October: Columbus Quote

“And the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home.”

Not a real Columbus quote, unfortunately, according to the IMDb: According to director John McTiernan the poem was actually written for the film by screenwriter Larry Ferguson.

Nice line all the same.

Hunt for Red October: Missile Keys Identified!

Stop the presses, everybody: I have managed to ID the ‘found item’ donors for the Red October’s distinctive missile keys.

First: the references:

Kind of a distinctive looking key, right? Hole at the top…. Seems to have some kind of large circular detail with markings in the center, as shown by the reflections in photo 3? Maybe a custom car key or a house key? Or were they totally made from scratch?


Look familiar? There is no doubt in my mind that this is what was used.

This is an unusual kind of old hotel room key, a Winfield key. Here’s a better look:

Spray painted gloss red, this should be indistinguishable from the real thing :)

As a kid, I collected keys and key chains. I thought the Winfield key was correct, and digging into my closet for a box I probably hadn’t opened in ten years, in my keychain collection I found the blue Winfield key pictured above.

I’m curious to see if this newfound ‘fame’ alters the going price of Winfield keys… So, good luck! And if you don’t win mine, happy hunting anyway! These can be found for relatively cheap, if you are willing to wait.

Here’s what my key looks like painted red: