Alien: Balaji Imperial Update: August 13, 2015

Made some good progress today on the Turk. Basing my photogrammetry on some reasonable assumptions, I now have package dimensions as well.


I have yet to compare my mug to the pack to check my measurement assumptions.

EDIT: I have measured the mug, scaled the screencaps, and my best-guess measurements for the package were correct! To as close as I can determine.

I’ve worked on the Turk, and made an ‘original / dirty’ version and a hypothetical ‘clean / retouched’ version. One will be on each side, so owners can display their pack screen-accurately or in an idealized manner. The choice is yours!

Additionally, I may have located some cardstock to print these on.

Balaji Imperial Update: August 12, 2015

Got the Turk scanned!

“Recognize me now?”

Unfortunately, time must be spent cleaning up the scan, vectorizing it, and then cleaning up the vectors. How much time, God only knows.

On the plus side, I was able to nail down the actual size of US tobacco tax stamps, so I’ll have something to go by when I make my optional and non-canon tax stamps. Which I might even make in different versions…