Casablanca: Replica Rick’s Cafe Checks


Apropos of nothing, I found these old replica checks I’d made some years ago:


Certainly not exact reproductions, but the price is right. Enjoy!


Superman Fleischer Short: Volcano

Screencaps of Clark Kent’s press pass:

And a retouched close-up:


“Lois, have you seen my press pass?”

USA, 1942: The War at Home

Went through some of my grandfather’s personal effects and documents this evening. He and his brothers operated a gas station / mechanic’s from around 1932-1942. As you can see from the photo below, when he / they got drafted in 42, they had to sell it. I imagine there were a lot of signs like this at that time.


So, he was an auto mechanic from 32-42, then an aircraft mechanic from 42-45 (23rd FG, China), then an auto mechanic with NACA near DC for most of 45, then when he became a civilian, he went right back to being an automobile mechanic. After the war he married and raised two children.