BTTF II 2015 7-Eleven Shirt

It’s very hard to find any references for the signage of the 7-Eleven underneath the Texaco station. What there is is uniformly low-res. That being said, I’m pretty confidant my art here is pretty close:


Available here, at TeePublic.

As an aside, this is the third time I’ve tweaked this art. Not counting my first raster attempt in 2000. Barring the invention of an actual time machine and a trip back to the set in 1989, or the discovery of some long-lost photos, I think this is as close as we’ll get.

BTTF II: Official 2015 Pepsi Bottle Replica Pics

Thanks to a blog post here, I was able to ‘liberate’ these hi-res promo stills provided by Pepsi, below the jump:

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The Hunt for Red October: Admiral Painter: Fred Dalton Thompson: 1942-2015


“Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.”

“This business will get out of control – It’ll get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

BTTF II: Mattel Hoverboards, Part II!

There were multiple different kinds of pink hoverboards made for the film, and they vary in materials and workmanship. Here, we can see that the handlebar hole has at least two variations, and may even be missing altogether on some boards.

Hole all the way through, possibly showing the end of the handlebars, or a mounting point for a practical hovering effect?
Hole all the way through, possibly showing the end of the handlebars, or a mounting point for a practical hovering effect?
Hole not all the way through.
Hole not all the way through. Note the substantial difference in the color of the green stripes versus the board above.
Hole all the way through, interior edges painted black?
Hole all the way through, interior edges painted black?
No hole?
No hole?

BTTF II: Nike Mags Design Patent Drawings

These appear to have been filed by Nike in 1990, and granted in 1992. I don’t know if they are still valid. They have an initial term of 14 years. They may have expired, they may have been renewed, or they may have been superseded by new design patents, or protected by changes in patent law. Design patents only protect the ‘look’ of an item, they have nothing to do with functions, use or technology. These do not related to the ‘functional’ mechanisms of the shoes (lights, laces). Note also that they do not cover all aspects of the shoe: just the upper, the back of the strap and the heel.

BTTF II: 2015 Mystery Prop!

USA Today posted this still taken (presumably) just after the hoverboard chase:


Now, I’m no expert, but what is the thing Terry’s holding in his hand? It’s not his “thumb a hundred bucks” thing; this prop looks enormous (relatively), and I have no idea what it is. It doesn’t look like a parking meter. It’s not Griff’s bat, or the little girl’s hoverboard handlebars … Any guesses?

BTTF II: 2015 Mattel Hoverboards!

“There’s something very familiar about all this…”

Hover Board

Early storyboards showed this as a Swatch-branded hoverboard. Other concept art showed amn Airwalk hoverboard, and surfboard-sized hoverboards (which can be seen briefly being carried by an extra early in the film).

In this frame (above) you can clearly see the (green) Velcro used to hold the lightweight foam boards to the actors’ shoes when hanging from the wire rigging to film the ‘hovering’ shots.

This still proves the existence of the rare and elusive orange Mattel hoverboard (undr the other child’s foot):


And I think that’s a CD player on her head.