It Chapter Two (2019): Richie Tozier’s Token

Some retouched screencaps of Richie Tozier’s token:

This appears to be a fairly common US / Canadian arcade token; most likely silver-tone in color. Similar examples can be found on eBay.

BR Graphics Library Update: April, 2019


Looks like 268 individual entries. Some are non-canonical ideas of my own for my personal BR projects, some might be simple color variations, some are just real-world logos that (may have) appeared in BR1. Some are even from Ridleygrams and Syd Mead concept art.

Blade Runner (1982): Kirin Beer Bottle


Among its many smaller enigmas, the original BR is a forest of mysterious bottles used as props and set dressing. Foremost among these are the 2019 Johnny Walker Black Label bottle and the Smirnoff de Czar bottles, but there are others. One is the elusive, tall ‘craft bottle,’ the labels of which recently turned up at auction. But this post is about another bottle, buried deep in the background: a Kirin beer bottle.

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Blade Runner-Inspired MetroKab Cards For Sale

Inspired by Blade Runner, and designed by me, these fan-made, non-canon ‘wallet stuffers’ are now available on eBay and the RPF:


I have endeavoured to capture not only the style of the 1982 sci-fi film, but also somewhat maintain the technical limitations of the period (to a certain degree). My card has a very simple, limited palette of colors, no holograms, no embossed text, no full-color graphics, no QR codes, etc. My card is four-color process printed on a thin, flexible plastic stock; thinner and softer than a credit card, but more durable than paper cardstock.

MetroKab Card eBay Listing

And also available in the Project Runs section of the RPF’s junkyard, for members, wherein I will offer certain, limited international shipping.

For Sale: White Dragon Coasters

I know that there is a modest market for BR ephemera. I’ve made some myself. To the pre-existing wallet stuffers and chopsticks, I would like to add these inexpensive paperboard coasters:


The plainer 3 are deliberately intended to be something that might have been designed (quickly) in the 80’s, and the more ornate one (top left) is based on a real Tsingtao coaster. 1968 is when DADOES was written, and the Japanese at the bottom says “Two is plenty,” (according to Google Translate). Additionally, these are ALL fan-designed and non-canon, with the exception of the WD logotype Tom Southwell created (Hi, Tom!) and the color scheme he established for WD. I know the art dept. on BR had a WD rubber stamp made, but what it was used for (napkins?) is unknown to me (Tom?). I just thought these would be a fun filler item for collections.

Available from Zazzle here, assuming no stray skinjobs crush my skull like a ripe tomato…