Cyber Monday Sale at TeePublic

TeePublic’s $14 shirt sale continues today, and I’ve added a few new designs in the past few days:



Sale @ TeePublic!

All t-shirts are now $14, and other products are discounted similarly.

I have 3 new shirts up, just in time:


The top row, from left to right, are from Congo, Congo and Westworld. My “TraviCom” shirts are replicas of the shirts worn by the ill-fated first “Blue Contract” team in Africa, as seen below:

The Westworld shirt is (apparently) the logo of the Delos resort, though it certainly does not get much screen time. You only see it in the intro film on the hovercraft. Note the division of the circle into three segments, like the three themed areas of the resort.

The bottom row are more recent shirts, but not brand new.

“I’m not colorblind.”

“I’m not colorblind, either…”

Referencing a couple lines from the immortal and nearly-perfect “A Christmas Story:”

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.56.04 PM

Available at my TeePublic store. I recommend a dark green shirt for this art. You’ll note the meticulous imitation of the poster title font.