The Expanse: CPM Pistols

As seen on Eros, carried by CPM employees. Substantially similar to the Star Helix pistols. Retouched screencaps after the jump:

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The Expanse: Protogen Grenade Launchers

As seen in episodes 9 & 10 of season 1. Screencaps after the jump:

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The Expanse: MCRN Pistols, part 2

More screencaps, from episodes 7 + 8. These have all been retouched, lightened, sharpened, etc, to show details, and should not be used for color-matching. 20 or so images after the jump:

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The Expanse: Martian Pistol

The MCRN carry pistols, described thusly by signage at SDCC:

Designed to fire both self-propelled rounds and traditional cartridge rounds, the rear of the barrel is vented at the back to eliminate recoil for use in zero-g situations.

Retouched screencaps through Episode 6, Rock Bottom, and the ID of the base gun, after the jump:

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The Expanse: Bad Guy Weapons

The ‘mystery bad guys’ seem to have at least two different firearms: a ‘grenade launcher’ and an ‘assault rifle.’ Screencaps & analysis below the jump:

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The Expanse: Star Helix Long Guns

In Episode 1, when the crew from the Canterbury investigate the Scopuli, they take with them at least one long gun:

The SDCC display showed a gun like this, and the signage called it a Star Helix Long Gun. It’s possible the Canterbury rifles and the Star Helix rifles are subtly different, but the screencaps as yet are not sufficient to show this.

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The Expanse: Martian Long Gun

As seen in Episode 4, the MCRN Marines carry short, bullpup rifles:

Once again, these are modified, off-the-shelf airsoft guns:

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