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Alien (1979): Self-Destruct Details

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Apropos of nothing, I took some screencaps of the keypad / buttons in the center of the Nostromo’s self-destruct panel, and retouched them a bit to better see the markings:

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Alien (1979): “Balaji Imperial” Cigarettes Pack Replica

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After a lot of on-and-off work, I’ve finally printed, cut and folded my first set of Balaji Imperial cigarettes replicas:


Here’s a sample of the files associated with this project:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 9.45.25 AM

I made multiple versions of the box art, and two versions of a hypothetical tax stamp as well. The package art shown in the big photo above is as close to screen-accurate as I can get, given the references. Some of the smaller text I had to guess at, and the art on the top flap is speculative as well.

The die-line was tricky as well, and still needs to be improved in places.

Happy Birthday, Ian Holm!

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Perhaps most famous as the villainous Ash in Alien, but also well-regarded for Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element and the older Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit / LOTR movies.


Also a couple turns as Napoleon (and Kubrick’s unmade Napoleon biopic), and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, and Sir William Gull in From Hell, etc, etc.


Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update

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Alien Universe Replica Graphics.jpg

The recent work on the Conestoga-class patch brings my total to 53 canon and non-canon graphics.

Alien Day Stuff

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Not on sale, but still for sale, many silly shirts:

Aspen Beer Red Logo

Aspen Beer White Logo

Balaji Imperial Pack Art

CM88B Bison Promo


Narcissus E1 Shirt

Nostromo Boot Screen

I’m Ready for Ripley

Alien: Nostromo Self-Destruct Sign

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“Emergency Destruction System – Scuttle Procedure.”

shot0083 copy

An iconic piece of modern sci-fi graphic design.

Ellen Ripley for President: Shirts at TeePublic!

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Put my design up on TeePublic. It comes in two slightly different versions, one for royal blue and one for navy blue. Final garment color is up to you.

I’m more partial to the royal blue version.

I’m Ready for Ripley!

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